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Take a Helicopter Tour over Central Oregon!


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We created Big Mountain Heli Tours in Bend, Oregon just for you. Our clients are the dreamers, the adventure seekers and the hopeless romantics. They choose vacation memories over vacation moments. They want to go further, see more, and uncover secret and special locations that only locals know about.

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Where will you be for the destination event of a generation?

We’ll bring the champagne! Click on the link below for more info…

Helicopter Luxury Champagne Eclipse Basecamp 2017

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Or…Rediscover unique adventures with the Ultimate Solarfest Solar Eclipse 2017 Air Tour or a private helicopter tour to a local winery, or visit our stunning high desert backcountry, lakes, and mountains from the air with carved volcanic flows and raging rivers below on the Cascade Mountains Ring of Fire Helicopter Tour.

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Big Mountain Heli Tours is based out of The Bend Tour Center in the Old Mill District near Downtown Bend.

Stop by to say “hi” and book your unique tour!

Experience more of Central Oregon by helicopter and enjoy our 10,000 foot playground framed with the golden light of a setting sun, soak in epic vistas, and feast on wild lands as far as the eye can see.

We created Big Mountain Heli Tours just for you. Your private helicopter is waiting.