10 Reasons Why I Moved to Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon has it all…

Summertime in Shevlin Park

#1:  Mountains, Rivers, Lakes and Trails close by

20 mile drive to Mt. Bachelor; the Deschutes River runs right through town; high alpine lakes a short distance away; and a number of huge trail systems scattered throughout the area and easily accessible.

#2:  No Traffic

My commute in the SF Bay Area was 100 miles round trip or 90 minutes each way. Bumper to bumper traffic, multiple car accidents every day, and stressful driving conditions.

#3:  Cheaper Housing

Ok, I know Bend, Oregon housing prices are going up, but it’s still much cheaper than the SF Bay Area.

#4:  Friendly People

It feels so good when people smile or say hi to you when they walk by in town or pass you on a trail.

#5:  Sunny Outdoor-Oriented Environment

I think many people move to Bend, Oregon for it’s outdoor-oriented environment and abundance of sunshine. As much as I miss the 9 months of warm summer temperatures in California, I would still rather be here in Bend where the sun shines most of the time. I enjoy being close to my favorite trails and seeing the snow-capped mountains everyday, even though most months I am wearing my “puffy”.

#6:  Change in Seasons

Winter, spring, summer, and fall. There is a definite change in seasons here due to the extreme fluctuation in temperature. I love the colors of the trees in the fall, and it’s fun to have snow on the ground in the winter. In good snowfall years, you can cross country ski in town!

#7:  Great Place to Raise Kids


My kids were born here. There are so many family-friendly events in Bend on a year-round basis. Families are everywhere and doing things together.

#8:  Excellent Craft Breweries

beer crux

How many breweries do we have in Bend now? I’m afraid to say a number because it seems to change on a daily basis, but I believe the last count was 26. Does anyone know?

#9:  An Abundance of Recreational Activities

white water rafting on the Deschutes River

Yes, every city has recreational activities, but Bend, Oregon is known for it’s abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities where you don’t have to drive hours to go downhill skiing/snowboarding, nordic skiing, mountain biking, hiking, ice skating, trail running, camping, or boating.

#10:  Large Number of Beautiful Parks

There are so many beautiful parks here and many of them are right on the river!  Playgrounds, walking/hiking/running trails, beaches (on the river and lakes), hundreds of miles of mountain biking trails, and our newest park is a white water park for kayakers near the Old Mill District.

California, specifically Marin County, was a great place to grow up, and I spent most of my life there. Living in Bend, Oregon for the past 15 years has been a wonderful experience, and I have no plans on ever leaving. As housing prices rise, it’s getting to be less affordable for people to move here. This is unfortunate, however, I don’t really want Bend’s population to increase either. The small-town feel is comfortable. I feel very fortunate to have moved here when I did.

If you are just visiting Bend or thinking of moving here, get out and enjoy what this town has to offer. Explore the trails, rivers, lakes, and mountains. If you are a city-dweller and not used to this environment, we have plenty of local businesses that specialize in taking visitors on guided excursions through our wonderful outdoor playground. No experience necessary – tours are typically catered to your ability. Click through the pages of this website to find local favorites and activities you are interested in depending on what season you are here. Play, relax, and enjoy your time here in beautiful Bend, Oregon!