Bend, Oregon Weather

trail running

Welcome to SPRING – when Bend, Oregon weather is unpredictable!


Mountain Biking on Phil’s Trail one day….


Snowshoeing at a local Sno-Park the next day!


Well, it’s that time of year again when one day it’s a sunny 80 degrees out and people are floating the river, playing golf, mountain biking the snow-free trails, and wearing shorts and flip flops; and the next day it’s 50 degrees and people are wearing their puffy’s and staying inside sipping lattes in one of Bend’s numerous cozy coffee establishments.

Ahh, Bend Oregon weather! Despite growing up in California (SF Bay Area), I do miss the long summers and warm weather most of the year, but you can’t beat what we have here in Bend. After making the move here 15 years ago, I can’t say I miss the Bay Area. Being so close to the mountains, rivers, lakes, and forest has it’s benefits. I wake up everyday happy to be in this environment, but you do learn to layer your clothing and be prepared for quick weather changes. Remember, cotton is not your friend in the winter!

Bend, Oregon weather is unpredictable! From spring hail storms and winter snow storms to summer heat waves and fall thunder storms, us “Bendites” need to be prepared. Keep the puffy and stocking cap handy all year long, and don’t pack the shorts and flip flops away in September.

Bend, Oregon weather does allow us to experience the four seasons, unlike California. Just remember, for all of you who just moved here, don’t start your garden or plant flowers until all the snow is gone from Black Butte Mountain near Sisters. (Ok, I heard that from someone a long time ago…but I think it holds true). I never start planting until the end of June. It’s a short growing season, but well worth the effort! (Funny, I never even had a garden in California…what was I thinking?!)

Bend can be finicky with it’s weather patterns, but aside from that, we have it pretty good here with friendly people, clean air, litter-free streets and trails, and an abundance of recreation. I’m happy to call Bend home. If you are just visiting here, enjoy our fine town and be prepared for any kind of weather.