Bend Whitewater Park opens today!

Bend’s newest park opens today — the whitewater park at McKay Park and the Colorado Bridge.

There are three channels in the river. The channel nearest to the banks of McKay park is for river floaters. You can still take out just above the channel, before the Colorado Bridge, or continue under the bridge and float into McKay Park. Floaters need to follow along the orange bumper in the river and not go over the bumper into the whitewater channel. The middle channel is for experienced whitewater kayakers only. There are a few different waves to tackle with the easiest being at the beginning. Kayakers walk up the island nearest McKay Park and can put in at any of the waves. The third channel is a nature habitat and is closed off for public use.

For more information, go to The “Ride the River” Shuttle is no longer operating this season, so you must find your own transportation back to your vehicle.

Children under the age of 12 are required to wear a life jacket. Alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited on the river. Be safe, and have fun! Should be a nice sunny weekend.