BEST Picnic spot in Bend!

Best picnic spot!

Spring is finally here, and hopefully the warm temperatures will stick around. More people are beginning to venture outside now to enjoy the warm, sunny days.

I recently took a walk along the river trail in town and came upon a great picnic spot. A “pod” of kayakers in colorful boats went floating by and navigated some pretty tough rapids in front of me. One of them got caught up on a rock and then his kayak flipped over as he rolled off the rock. A terrifying sight to me but an obvious easy maneuver for the kayaker. I’ll stick to flat water kayaking! Watch it

I have been to many sweet spots in Bend, but this one takes the cake. I might have to say that this is the best picnic spot I’ve been to in Bend in the 18 years I’ve lived here.

Springtime in Bend can be a little iffy. Usually, spring is still winter and then summer hits. This year is a little different. We had enough warm days to open the Cascade Lakes Highway early, see the trees bud early, and dry out the mountain bike trails for some early season riding.

While people are still skiing and snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor, which is open through May 27, people are also out biking, golfing, hiking, kayaking, and paddle boarding in town. This is the time of year when us locals are out doing multiple activities in one day. It’s not uncommon for people to ski in the morning and mountain bike in the afternoon. That’s why most of us live here. Bend has so many recreational opportunities in the mountains, on the trails, and on the lakes and rivers. Our spectacular scenery makes it so enjoyable as well as the proximity of outdoor activities… it’s all in our backyard!

It’s also the time of year when visitors begin to arrive and fill our restaurants and lodging properties…”Welcome visitors!” We embrace you and also ask that you enjoy your time in Bend. Remember to slow down on our streets. Be patient – this is not the big city. We take life a little slower here…plus, you are on vacation, so just relax. Many of us are transplants from the big cities, and many of us came here for a slower pace of life and to enjoy the abundance of outdoor recreation. Leave your stress in the city and embrace our way of life.





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