Find FLAT FRANCIS in Bend New Picture

The PICTURE of Flat Francis is here…

in a plastic baggie taped to the underside of the slide. 

On the back of the picture is the place where you can pick up your PRIZE!


This is the printed picture.


This is where the picture is hidden.

Where is this slide?

Here are her clues from week #2:

Clue 1: “I like to play outside with children.”

Clue 2: “Sometimes I play on the SHIP.” (FYI: not boat)

Clue 3: “…but I mostly like going down the SLIDE. Good thing there’s a fence, or I might slide right into the river!”

View the picture and find the printed copy where the picture was taken. Bring it in to the location printed on the back of the picture to claim your PRIZE!  Hurry, she needs to get to her next location…


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