Nordic Skiing is a great work-out

Hit the nordic trails this winter for a great work-out!

There are several activities you can do on the nordic trails.

You can skate ski, classic ski, backcountry ski, and snowshoe. 

nordic center picture

Cross Country Skiing is divided into two styles:

Classic (a.k.a. Diagonal Stride) and Skate (a.k.a. Freestyle).

Classic skiing is an excellent introduction to Cross Country: easy to learn, the skier glides straight ahead in parallel tracks.

Skate skiing, which is great for those who seek an aerobic workout, has a motion similar to roller-blading or ice-skating.

Where are the nordic trails?

Mt. Bachelor’s Nordic Center is located across the parking lot from the ski/snowboard resort. There are miles of nicely groomed trails for all level skiers.

RENTALS: Classic Ski and Skate Ski rentals are available as well as snowshoes for children and adults.  Parents, you can also rent a “Pulk Sled” to pull your infant while you ski or snowshoe.

LESSONS:  A variety of lessons and clinics are available for skate skiing and classic skiing.

TRAIL PASS:  A trail pass is required to use the trails at the Nordic Center. Purchase trail passes inside the Nordic Center.


Other Nordic Trails:  As you drive up Century Drive towards Mt. Bachelor, you will see a number of **Sno-Parks:

Virginia Meissner (trails for skate skiing, classic skiing, snowshoeing. Trails are groomed on T/TH/SAT/SUN). Ski into warming huts!

Swampy Lakes (trails for classic skiing and snowshoeing) Ski into warming huts!

Wanoga (backcountry skiing and snowmobiling area)

Edison (take the Sunriver turn-off from Century Drive) Trails for classic skiing and snowshoeing. Ski into warming huts!

Dutchman Flat (Trails for classic skiing and snowshoeing. Also a snowmobiling area)

Trail maps and port-a-potties are available at each Sno-Park.


You can also RENT EQUIPMENT IN TOWN at the following ski shops:

Powder House

Sunnyside Sports

Pine Mountain Sports

Sunriver Sports

** You will need a parking pass (day or season) to park in the Sno-Park lots.

Purchase passes in town at Powder House and Pine Mountain Sports.

Visit our NORDIC PAGE for more information.