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Kid's Activities in Bend, OR




KID GEAR (rental items while you’re on vacation for babies, toddlers, and kids)






FLOATING the Deschutes River in town



HIKING Pilot Butte – 1 mile hike up

CAVING – Exploring Bend’s natural lava tube caves 

BIKE Rentals and Trails

DAY CAMPS (kids & teens)



  • Harmon Park (1100 NW Harmon)

  • Blakely Park (1155 SW Brookswood Blvd.)

  • Columbia Park (264 SW Columbia Street)

  • Compass Park (2500 NW Crossing Drive)

  • Farewell Bend Park (1000 SW Reed Market Road)

  • Juniper Park (800 NE 6th Street)

  • Larkspur Park (1700 SE Reed Market Road)

  • Lewis and Clark Park (2520 NW Lemhi Pass Drive)

  • River Rim Park (19400 Charleswood Lane)



swimming beaches bend oregon activities

Crescent Lake Simax Beach

swimming crescent lake

Crescent Lake in Central Oregon


  • McKay Park (Old Mill area)
  • Farewell Bend Park (Old Mill area)
  • Drake Park (Downtown Bend)
  • Elk Lake Resort (Cascade Lakes Hwy, past Mt. Bachelor)
  • Suttle Lake (Hwy 20, past Sisters)
  • Paulina Lake (South Hwy 97 in Newberry National Volcanic Park)
  • East Lake (South Hwy 97 in Newberry National Volcanic Park)


  • Shevlin Park (Shevlin Park Road, head west on NW Newport Ave, which turns into Shelving Park Rd). Tumalo Creek runs through the park. Easy, flat trail goes out and back for a total of 4 miles. Upper loop trail is around 4 1/2 miles. Popular park for picnics, walking, mountain biking, and group picnics.
  • Farewell Bend Park (799 SW Columbia) – Start of the Deschutes River Trail – 3 mile loop. Put-in spots for kayaks, SUP, floaties, canoes, etc. Beach areas, playground, large grass areas, dog park, and access to the Old Mill District.
  • McKay Park – Sandy beach, new white water park for experienced kayakers, throughway for floaters heading to Drake Park, grassy areas.


Kids mini pole pedal paddle race bend oregon activities

Kid’s mini Pole Pedal Paddle race


  • Mini Pole Pedal Paddle (1st – 6th graders, May 20, 2018 – Les Schwab Amphitheater)
  • Jingle Bell Run (all ages, December – Downtown Bend)
  • Kid’s Crit Bike Race (ages 3-11, June – Northwest Crossing Neighborhood)
  • Happy Little Kids Race (ages 3-10, end of May)

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It’s simple


Where in Bend is FLAT FRANCIS?

flat francis


Who is FLAT FRANCIS, you ask?

FLAT FRANCIS is a friend of FLAT STANLEY. If you don’t know about FLAT STANLEY, go to

 A little background…

FLAT STANLEY was visiting Bend, Oregon last year on one of his big adventures when he met FLAT FRANCIS at Mt. Bachelor. FLAT STANLEY was on his FLAT skis and FLAT FRANCIS was riding her FLAT snowboard. There was a collision on Marshmallow run off of the Sunrise Lift.  FLAT STANLEY was down. He fell and had a ‘yard sale’ with his FLAT skis and FLAT poles scattered across the slope. All of a sudden, FLAT FRfllat stanleyANCIS came flying down the run on her FLAT snowboard and accidentally ran over FLAT STANLEY’S FLAT legs with her FLAT snowboard! Both were OK, but shaken up. They laughed it off and have been FLAT friends ever since…(just friends, people, nothing more…THEY’RE FLAT for goodness sakes!)

FLAT FRANCIS lives in Bend, Oregon. She likes to be outside and see new sights, just like FLAT STANLEY, but she likes to stay local. FLAT STANLEY has traveled all over the world! FLAT FRANCIS is quite adventurous and has been known to do some spectacular stunts! She knows Bend like the back of her FLAT hand. She wants to share some of her favorite places with you, but she wants YOU to be able to find where she is. (She’s always up for a fun game!)

BendOregon365 is featuring FLAT FRANCIS every week throughout the summer.

Find CLUES to where she is on and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts of BendOregon365.

 How it works…

FLAT FRANCIS will visit a different location in Bend, Oregon each week, and if you are the first person to find out exactly where she is, you will win a prize from that week’s sponsor – a restaurant, retail outlet, movie theater, tour company, Athletic Club of Bend, etc.

REQUIREMENT: You need to find the printed picture of FLAT FRANCIS in the location that you see on the website. It will be hidden in that spot, so look hard. After you find the picture, bring it in to the sponsoring business, written on the back of the picture, to claim your prize.  It’s that simple! (Of course, you need to know Bend or find someone who does).

FLAT FRANCIS will be giving out THREE (3) CLUES to her whereabouts each week, so watch for them on posts by, and BendOregon365 Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

The CLUE Posts will begin on each Monday and run through Friday. The picture of where FLAT FRANCIS is that week will be posted on that Saturday. You have from Monday to Saturday to find her! Winners will be posted on

This contest will run for as long as FLAT FRANCIS feels up to it. She’s out and about everyday, and it takes her awhile to get around due to her size. She can get a little tattered and bent out of shape.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

IF YOU OWN A BUSINESS and would like to be a part of this fun contest, contact BendOregon365 at 541-647-1830 for details on how to participate.

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 If you’re going hiking or backpacking with the kids, here’s a few helpful tips…

Hiking and Backpacking in the Wilderness

When It Comes To Outdoor Recreation In Central Oregon, Your Life Is In Your Hands.

Taking A Few Simple Precautions‚ could save your LIFE!

DID YOU KNOW…  Each year, more than 400 recreational outdoor enthusiasts are reported missing or injured in the State of Oregon? The worst thing you can do is assume that it won’t happen to you.

Proper planning before a trip and a healthy respect for nature can save your life! Whether it’s an overnighter in the wilderness or an afternoon just ‘off the beaten path’, the outdoors can be very unforgiving. What was fun can quickly become a life-threatening situation.

The 10 Essentials for Survival

There is no way you can pack for every contingency, but it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Your 10 Essentials Survival Kit should reflect the season and conditions which you might encounter. Always carry these basics:

  1. NAVIGATION: A USGS or equal topo map, a properly declinated (16 degrees locally) base plate compass, along with the knowledge of how to use them together. A simple GPS can also be quite useful as long as you’re familiar with how to use it and the batteries aren’t dead. A watch and cell phone should also be carried.
  2. SUN PROTECTION: Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat (for hot OR cold, summer or winter weather)
  3. INSULATION: The MOST important consideration: NO cotton clothing! Carry synthetic or wool layers, waterproof/windproof rain jacket/ pants; extra gloves/hat, and extra socks as required. Wear layers of clothing to adjust insulation to activity level and current weather. Stay dry to decrease the risk of hypothermia (which can be life-threatening).
  4. ILLUMINATION: Headlamp or flashlight, with extra batteries.
  5. FIRST-AID SUPPLIES: Basic supplies such as Band-aids, gauze pads, triangular and compression bandages, etc. Include any medications you may currently be taking and a bee sting kit if you are allergic.
  6. FIRE: Waterproof matches, butane lighter or candle stubs, plus fire-starting materials (paste, etc.). Do NOT depend on making a fire in bad weather!
  7. REPAIR KIT/TOOLS: Multi-tool (Gerber®, Leatherman®, Swiss Army knife, etc.), Duct tape. Don’t carry what you don’t need.
  8. NUTRITION: High energy, no-cook foods, such as high-carb energy bars. Carry at least 200 calories for every hour you will be out.
  9. HYDRATION: Extra water; take at least (1) liter for short outings and at least 2.5 liters for all-day excursions. Remember that extra water will be needed for hot or cold weather, drink continuously during your outing. Don’t wait until you are dehydrated!
  10. EMERGENCY SHELTER: A Space blanket or bright plastic tarp (9’ x 12’) and a few large plastic trash bags. Bring something to insulate you from the ground, regardless of the time of year. You cannot dig a snow cave without a shovel, and you should not sit/sleep on snow without an insulating pad. (Compiled based on info from The Mountaineers,

Additional Recommended Items

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team also recommends carrying the following items, in addition to The Ten Essential Systems:

  • A whistle and/or mirror (for signaling, etc.)
  • A small length of lashing cord (shelter building)
  • A metal container w/lid (boiling water)

Info provided from Deschutes County Search and Rescue. Go to for more info.



Need a place for “Fido” to run around and play with other dogs in Bend?

Awbrey Reservoir

NW 10th and Trenton

Big Sky

21690 Neff Road

Deschutes River Trail

Meadow Camp downstream to Sunrise Village off Century Drive

Gooddog! Offleash Area

Century Dr, west of Entrada Lodge

Hollinshead Dog Park

1235 NE Jones Rd

Overturf Butte Reservoir

Skyliner Summit Loop off of Mt. Washington

Pine Nursery

Deschutes Market Rd & Yeoman Road

Ponderosa Dog Park

225 SE 15th Street at Reed Market

Riverbend Beach next to Bend Park and Recreation

799 NW Columbia Street

Mt. Bachelor Dog Park

Mt. Bachelor Ski and Summer Resort– NE side of parking lot