Explore one of our many fascinating Lava Tube Caves! 

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Wanderlust Cave Tours

These large, cool lava tube caves are fun and fascinating for the whole family.  Outfitted with helmets and headlamps our guides will help you discover secret rooms, great cave history and what lives and grows in the caves.

Wanderlust Tours is the only guide company permitted in these lava caves. Note: This is not Lava River Cave on Hwy 97 – we take you away from the crowds into the heart of the high desert to experience natural lava caves without artificial lighting, paved pathways and parking lots.

Central Oregon’s lava caves are delicate ecosystems that few have experienced in this way.






Lava River Cave

Caving in the Lava River Cave, run by the U.S. Forest Service and located off Hwy. 97, is a fun Central Oregon activity. This is the longest, continuous lava tube in Oregon, running nearly 7,000 feet and it is a great beginner cave that the whole family can explore, with reinforcements like railings and concrete steps to guide you along the way. Lantern rentals are available at the visitor center along with interpretive maps for a self-guided caving tour.


Photo Credit: PeaceLoveScoobie via Flickr