Where in Bend is Flat Francis? Week 5, Clue 1

I can’t believe we are already in Week 5 of this game! Flat Francis just can’t get enough – she’s having so much fun!

Someone found Flat Francis in an obscure location near the new Parks and Recreation Ice Rink. We don’t have a name yet, but congratulations to the winner!

From some of the Facebook comments we received, I guess it was quite the competition to find her last week with a few different parties frantically searching for her at the same time. The winning party nabbed her with only seconds to spare!

The winner received a 3 month membership to The Athletic Club of Bend – thanks again for your generous donation!

Ok, next game, first clue…

Hint:  “I love the summer months with all the pretty wildflowers!”

— Your friend, Flat Francis


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